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Antique Furniture, Estate Liquidation, & Clean-Out Service in Aldan, Pennsylvania

When you are considering selling furniture or other potentially valuable personal items, turn to the qualified antique dealers at Aguirre Antiques & Furniture. Based in Aldan, Pennsylvania, we specialize in buying and selling antique furniture of every kind. We also provide estate liquidation assistance and a complete clean-out service.

Purchase of Antiques and Furniture
Trust your personal property to experts who have the knowledge and resources to look deep into any piece of furniture or antique to determine the true value. We will give accurate assessment for your property and provide insightful information about your piece, such as whether or not it truly falls under the category of antique.

Estate Liquidations
At Aguirre Antiques & Furniture, we will give a professional appraisal of the value of your estate and purchase any items you wish to sell. Our experts are available to do a walk through in your house where we will categorize and evaluate you every item in the estate.

Once the walk through is complete we provide an itemized list that tells you what the contents of your estate are worth. If we come to an agreement, the next step is to set up a date to come and remove all the contents.

Antique Furniture, Clean Out Service in Aldan, PA

Clean-Out Services
Let us come in and clear away all your unwanted junk. Whether you just have a few extra items cluttering your living room or you have stuff overflowing the garage, we will take it off your hands. This service is available for homes large and small, and we will remove basically anything that is not nailed down to the house.

After the items have been removed we then make sure all the floors are swept clean, leaving less hassle for you. The cost and duration of our clean-out service depends on the size of each job.

Contact us today for more information about our furniture deals or estate services.